Site Sebuku (STC), Kotabaru, South Kalimantan

Site Sebuku (STC), Kotabaru, South Kalimantan

Hillcon can carry out coal production according to the RKAB targeted by the mining site owner, this area has never been excavated and the site itself is in the form of a sea island. Employees with a total of almost 1,000 workers (meaning contributing to increased employment, 60% of workers come from local communities). With major developments like this, STC is targeted to continue to increase in production so that in the future there will be more job opportunities.

Sebuku's RKAB was initially targeted at 1.8 million tons per year in 2020 and then increased to 3 million tons per year in 2021. To meet the commitment to achieve this RKaB value, Hillcon continues to add units of heavy equipment capacity to achieve coal overburden mining targets. Next year Hillcon will increase the target to 5 million tons per year.

As a form of confidence in the Sebuku group, Hillcon also participated in a road construction project for PT Sebuku Sincea Coal which is located near the STC site.


RKAB (Design of Shopping Activities) is the minimum mineral production value that needs to be achieved per year. This figure is determined by the site owner by considering the capacity of the mining contractor. If it is improved, it means that the mining contractor's performance in the previous year was good.