Weda Bay Nickel, Halmahera, North Maluku

Weda Bay Nickel, Halmahera, North Maluku

Weda Bay is one of the national vital objects (out of 6 in Indonesia), where every mining and construction activity must be processed with extra care because these national vital objects are sites protected by the state because they are the country's largest source of income and dividends.

To be part of this site, it requires high expertise where only 4 contractors are trusted to manage this site (each contractor targets RKAB 4 million tons per year). In Indonesia, there are only 3 companies holding contracts of work for Weda Bay nickel commodities. this is called IWIP).

Weda Bay is also part of the Indonesia Weda Industrial Park (IWIP) where any nickel mining products are not allowed to be sold to other factories other than this IWIP (100% processed by IWIP, back to the matter of the contract of work in the previous paragraph). Therefore, high confidence is needed to process nickel at the Weda Bay site so that it is not distributed to other companies.

Technically, Weda Bay has implemented a fairly high GMP (Good Mining Practice) system and HIllcon has successfully complied with by meeting the high standard of Weda Bay's manpower, equipment and system criteria. For example, any equipment permitted to operate on this site must only be max. 2 years, each tool must have high specs, the security of the front of the car must be improved, etc. This proves that Hillcon is capable of being a versatile company that can meet client needs.

RKAB targets 4 million tons per year (the average company is targeting 2-3 million tons of nickel per year). Hillcon is trusted to hold a long-term contract for 4 years.

Key points: Hillcon's ability to handle complex site processing responsibilities and Hillcon's ability to leverage itself to get complex/exclusive projects.