Hillconjaya Sakti (Contractor)


Efficient nickel, mineral and coal mining contractor

PT Hillconjaya Sakti started coal mining services in 2004 in Batulicin, South Kalimantan. We specialize in Mineral and Coal Mining Works with an open land method. And currently we grow as a trusted nickel mining contractor.


National and International Experience

PT Hillconjaya Sakti is an expert in civil construction works, where we always prioritize the highest quality and speed. Our areas of expertise also include planning work methods as well as comprehensive planning and testing teams.

Road Construction

Providing services with the best and comprehensive methods

Proven method with comprehensive planning, supported by soil laboratory and testing equipment

Heavy Equipment Rental

Providing the highest quality equipment

Heavy equipment rental with guarantee of the best quality and service.

River Basin Construction

From dams to irrigation channels

Hillcon ensures the quality of construction and contributes to economic growth of communities in watershed and power generation areas.