Company Overview

One-stop Mining Contractor Expert
Since 1995

Hillcon Group started from PT Hillconjaya Sakti which was established in 1995, is engaged in civil & mining contractors.

To date, Hillcon has completed hundreds of projects, both large and small, with aspects of work safety, health safety, operating safety and the environment. Each of our projects is carried out with quality and speed of work, as well as the support of a professional workforce.


Becoming a Leading Company That Always Strives To Provide The Best Service And Results To All Stakeholders


1. All employees know, understand, and implement the company culture

2. Strive to continuously make improvements in the fields of safety, quality, and speed

3. Continuously improve the capacity of human resources

4. Committed to supporting the company's growth in the development of the global economy through innovation, hard work, dedication and sustainable strategy

Our Corporate Culture


Every person in the company must have a culture to always excel, by upholding professionalism, integrity and responsibility for the natural environment, a social environment that supports good corporate governance.


Every individual in the company has an awareness of the importance of maintaining occupational safety, health, caring for the natural and social environment.


Providing the best service with high quality results and supported by professional human resources and appropriate technology.


Always committed to completing work accurately, faster than the targeted time and continuously trying to make improvements to achieve shorter times through a solid team.


Always committed to increasing the company's growth in the industry and the development of the national economy as well as the global economy through innovation, hard work, dedication and sustainable strategies.


Starting from the Construction Sector In 1995 and successfully completing hundreds of projects, Hillcon also tried to expand its business to enter the Mining, Property, and Heavy Equipment business.

Hillconjaya Sakti (Contractor)

Mining , Earthwork , Road Construction , Heavy Equipment Rental , River Basin Construction

Hillcon Mining Indonesia (Mining)

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Hillcon Jaya Land (Property)

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Hillcon Industrial Assets (Heavy Equipment)

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