Commemoration of World's Environment Day

Commemoration of World's Environment Day

Hillcon collaborated with DKI Jakarta Provincial Environmental Service and the East Jakarta Environmental Sub-Department in commemorating World Environment Day 2023. Activities including releasing birds and planting 382 tree seedlings spread across several areas in East Jakarta which are included in the Climate Village Program (PROKLIM).

In his remarks, the Director of PT Hillcon Tbk, Rudi Santoso, said: "In commemoration of this Environment Day, PT Hillcon Tbk., in collaboration with the DKI Jakarta Environment Agency and the East Jakarta Environment Agency, carry out various promotive and implementative activities that support environmental preservation. in the form of planting trees and releasing wild birds."

Environmental Specialist PT Hillcon Tbk who is also the Chair of the Activity Committee, John Anderson added: "This is a good collaboration momentum between Hillcon and DLH DKI Jakarta, where we show our commitment to support the national GHG emission reduction target through the Climate Village Program. Besides that, this activity also aims to raise awareness for all employees of PT Hillcon Tbk and the whole community about the importance of protecting the environment.”

This activity is a form of PT Hillcon Tbk's commitment to prioritizing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) aspects of the company's business.