PT. HILLCON Gebe Island Distributes Aids, Residents Express GRATITUDE

PT. HILLCON Gebe Island Distributes Aids, Residents Express GRATITUDE

HALTENG, Teropongmalut.comApproaching the 33rd Anniversary of the Regional Government of Central Halmahera Regency in 2023, PT. HILLCON, who operates mining activity on the Pulau Terapung Gebe, distributed a number of aids in the form of sleeping equipment (sponges, pillows and bedsheets) to the residents of Gebe Island who constructed a unit of house in Weda City which serves as an employee’s transit house when dealing with Weda City.

This is not the first time this company whooperates in the mining sector has carried out humanitarian actions. Not only bed covers, but the distribution of basic necessities has also been carried out repeatedly.

"The distribution of this aid took place on Tuesday, October 17th 2023, at one of the houses of Weda City residents, namely Mrs. Sara Idris, which has been used as a employee’s transit house by the residents of Gebe Island all this time. "Sara Idris continued that the delivery of this aid is a routine company agenda and this is the company's obligation and commitment based on the law, so that CSR and PPM are a form of the company's commitment to the residents of Gebe Island," she explained.

The distribution of this aid, said Sara Idris, is done in order to help ease the burden on communities around the mining area dealing in Weda City. “For this reason, we represent the community members who received this assistance to express our gratitude to PT. HILLCON, which has helped the people of Gebe Island who deal in Weda City, hopefully all the company's affairs and activities will always run smoothly because it has such humanitarian impact on the people of Gebe Island," he said.

Regarding the distribution of a number of aids, the person in charge of PT. Gebe Island HILLCON, Maridup P. Sirait, when contacted by the media, Wednesday, October 18th 2023, confirmed that the distribution of aid was solely as a company commitment to the people of Gebe Island who made one of the residents' houses in Weda City a halfway house. And hopefully will be useful for residences," he concluded.