FTSE Russell Index Rebalancing, BUMI and BRMS Enter Small Cap

FTSE Russell Index Rebalancing, BUMI and BRMS Enter Small Cap

KONTAN.CO.ID - JAKARTA. Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE) Russell reshuffled the composition of the residents of the FTSE Global Equity Indonesia Index in the September 2023 semi-annual review.

Two shares of the MNC Group, PT Media Nusantara Citra Tbk (MNCN) and PT MNC Digital Entertainment Tbk (MSIN) were dropped from the mid cap stock group.

Meanwhile, for the small capitalization group, aka small cap, the arrival of six newcomers. There are PT Bukalapak.com Tbk (BUKA), PT Bumi Resources Tbk (BUMI) and PT Bumi Resources Minerals Tbk (BRMS).

Then PT Mitra Active Perkasa Tbk (MAPA), PT Media Nusantara Citra Tbk (MNCN) and PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy Tbk (PGEO) fall into the category of small capitalization stocks.

In this change, the shares of PT Krakatau Steel Tbk (KRAS) and PT Medikaloka Hermina Tbk (HEAL) were dropped from the small cap category.

The micro cap group is also full of new arrivals. At least, there are 12 stocks included in the index with this micro share capitalization.

PT Adi Sarana Armada Tbk (ASSA), PT Asuransi Tugu Pratama Indonesia Tbk (TUGU), PT Regional Development Bank East Java Tbk (BJTM) and PT Darma Henwa Tbk (DEWA) are included in the micro cap group.

PT Energi Mega Persada Tbk (ENRG), PT Hartadinata Abadi Tbk (HRTA), PT Hillcon Tbk (HILL) and PT Indonesia Vehicle Terminal Tbk (IPCC) are also included in this group.

Then there are PT Industry and Trade Bintraco Dharma Tbk (CARS), PT Krakatau Steel Tbk (KRAS), PT Petrindo Jaya Kreasi Tbk (CUAN) and PT Sumber Tani Agung Resources Tbk (STAA).

On the other hand, there are still 12 shares that were kicked out of the micro cap group, PT Acset Indonusa Tbk (ACST), PT Adira Dinamika Multi Finance Tbk (ADMF), PT Astra Otoparts Tbk (AUTO) and PT Bintang Mitra Semestaraya Tbk (BMSR).

The shares of PT Buyung Poetra Sembada Tbk (HOKI), PT Kino Indonesia Tbk (KINO), PT KMI Wire & Cable Tbk (KBLI) and PT Nusantara Infrastructure Tbk (META) must also leave this index.

Finally, the shares that were kicked out of the micro cap group were PT Pelat Timah Indonesia Tbk (NIKL), PT Petrosea Tbk (PTRO), PT Indofarma Tbk (INAF) and PT Sillo Maritime Perdana Tbk (SHIP).

Changes in this semi-annual review will be effective at the close of trading on the upcoming 15 September 2022 or to be precise on trading 18 September 2022.


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